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Various repairs to chimneys, fireplaces and wood burning appliances.

Flue Tile Replacement

The top ceramic flue tile is under substantial pressure from poor quality rain covers bolted to it, freeze thaw action, extreme temperature changes and improper installation. These factors can cause damage and code requires replacement. We will remove the damaged tile and install a new tile to code. If multiple flue tiles are damaged more extensive repairs will be required.

Crown Sealer

Chimney crowns or drip caps are designed to channel moisture away from the bricks of a chimney. Unfortunately this area breaks down with age and if left unattended, will cause damage to the chimney. Freezing and thawing in the spring and fall months can expedite this process.. A sealant that is applied to the crown keeps moisture out, increasing the chimney life.


Broken dampers, wood stove flue pipes, fire bricks, and kitchen/dryer vent flaps just to name a few are some of the repairs that we can also accomplish on a case by case assessment.


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