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Stainless steel chimney covers installed to keep rain and animals out, guaranteed.

Chimney Covers

Chimney covers serve as a barrier to keep rain and animals from entering the home, as well as preventing sparks leaving the chimney. These covers come in various sizes and styles. Unfortunately the majority of chimney covers available on the market are made out of low grade steel and aluminium. These covers rust and deteriorate, which can lead to animals and water entering a chimney, sparks exiting a chimney, and causing costly repairs to your chimney and home.

At Ash Chimney Sweeps, we only install the proper covers for our customers. Our patented chimney covers are 100% stainless steel and keep rain and animals out of your chimney. Since every part is stainless steel our covers won't ever rust or deteriorate, we guarantee it. The proper sized cover is selected and installed for your chimney, keeping your chimney and home safe.


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