• Chimney cleanings, chimney covers, WETT inspections, animal and blockage removals.

    Ash Chimney Sweeps

    We've been your local chimney sweep - providing efficient and affordable services - since 1984.

  • Commercial services including; cleanings, WETT inspections, repairs and consulting.

    We're Experienced

    With over 30 years of experience - we have the expertise.

  • Squirrel, raccoon and bird removal from chimneys and vents.

    Have an unexpected guest?

    ASH Chimney Sweeps also provides Animal & Blockage Removal services for chimneys, furnaces, and other ventillation

Ash Chimney Sweeps has been chimney cleaning in Mississauga since 1984. We have expertly cleaned thousands of residential chimneys in Mississauga along with commercial establishments such as Chappell House, Bradley House and Benares Historic House. Call us today for your chimney sweeping needs in Mississauga!

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Over 30 years of experience - we have the expertise.